Top 13 Commentators – January 2008

February 2nd, 2008

I’m just a little late, because I was pretty busy launching with Simonne our first common project, EzMoneyOn.Net. But I didn’t forget you, so let’s see what you have done lately.

1. nimrodjo is my most prolific commentator, but I cannot access his blog. nimrodjo, please do something, because I want to reward you somehow.

2. Simonne has a great article about the ways we can make our choices in life. There are always more possibilities of choosing, it depends on us what we are choose. Never Ask Yourself Whoís The Boss! You Are!.

3. Saedel wrote an article about a Youtube issue. You should read his article for not to worry when you meet this king of error: YouTube ďVideo Is No Longer AvailableĒ Error.

4. Bobby Revell have a great article about How To Be a Good Blogger: Karma. You should follow his advice, because there are really good.

5. Jacob Cass wrote a great and very beautiful presented article about The Logo Design Process of TOP graphic designers. You should see that article even if you arenít a designer.

6. A u d e e wants to redesign her blog and she is a little nervous about this. It would be nice of you to give her some encouragements.

7. Tay learns you How to Measure Your Productivity. If you want to increase your productivity, you should read this article.

8. c5 has an interesting article about How To Download YouTube Videos The Easy Way For Free. And especially if you have a dial-up connection when the internet speed is very low. Just read the article and speed up your YouTube videos.

9. Beautiful Minds gives us a tip on how to increase our Alexa traffic rank. You should read this article, Alexa: Korea, UK or India? Let us try to increase the score and tell her (him?) what do you think about this.

10. AntiBarbie wrote her worst story. It’s a good story, though, so you should read it, because she is a good writer.

11. Pearl tells us: Donít Let Someone Else Claim Your Blog. If this is happening to you, read Pearl’s article to know what to do.

12. redspace has a website (it doesn’t looks like a blog) about How to make extra money at home. You can’t comment there, but you can make him a visit.

13. Wayne Liew wrote a great article about Networking With New Bloggers – Pros and Cons. You will discover some benefits on networking with new bloggers, so take some time and read the article.

Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog so often! I really appreciate this.

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Comment by Simonne
2008-02-02 20:57:38

Thank you very much. I was also busy with our launch, but a little break is always welcome.

Simonne’s last blog post..A New Resource For Smart Bloggers

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-02 22:42:12

Oh, yes, we’ve been both busy :lol: And we will be too :razz:

Comment by AntiBarbie
2008-02-02 21:13:56

Thanks so much for the mention and compliments on my writing. Looks like I have a few new posts to read on this list. :)

AntiBarbie’s last blog post..My Worst Story

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-02 22:43:18

You’re welcome! You are a great writer. Maybe you should write a book :wink:

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-02 22:47:27

Oh, and if you write a book (or e-book), I promise I’ll promote it in my blog. Well, what did you say?

Comment by A u d e e
2008-02-02 21:51:35

:mrgreen: you always have great ideas to get intouch with us all! I should do the same to my blog readers soon :cool:

A u d e e’s last blog post..Graphic Identity Blog Redesign

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-02 22:45:32

It’s a real pleasure to reward somehow my top 13 commentators. After all, you take from your precious time to write on my blog and I appreciate this very much.

Comment by Pearl
2008-02-02 23:36:45

thank you for linking up with me Diana – and congrats on your new blog with Simonne… I’ve been learning a lot from both of you and I’m sure with your combined efforts, I’m not gonna need to read any other ‘make money online’ blog :)

Pearl’s last blog post..Donít Let Someone Else Claim Your Blog

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 11:58:17

You’re welcome! Thanks for your kind words, we will try to keep your interest awake :smile:

Comment by Jacob Cass
2008-02-03 03:22:43

Hi Diana, thanks for the link up. You have a lot of varied type of readers on your blog, I had a check out of a few of them thanks :)

Jacob Cass’s last blog post..Call For Sponsorship – lots of FREE stuff for you!

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 11:59:13

Welcome! Yes, I have, didn’t I? Enjoy reading :razz:

Comment by c5
2008-02-03 06:20:02

Thanks again, Diana for that surprise. :)

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 11:59:42

You’re welcome! And congrat for your new design.

Comment by Saedel
2008-02-03 10:10:01

Thanks Diana, for the link. I appreciate it. And good luck on your new site!

One last thing, I recommend you to read this post of mine: Let Go of Fantasies and Serve Your Purpose…. you’ll find out why, and you might edit something after reading it. :P

Thanks again!


Saedel’s last blog post..Join Support Groups and Support Them

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 12:07:44

Welcome and thanks!

I’ve read your article and what can I say? Just :lol: for my mistake. I must say that from your avatar, with that beautiful eye, I didn’t thought just for a second that you are a he. I read your story twice, because I didn’t realize what I should have to edit. You could be a she as well, you know, it isnít so unusual these days :lol:

2008-02-03 12:38:58

Thanks for the link love! :)

Tay – Super Blogging’s last blog post..The Best of the Blogosphere: February 1, 2008

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 15:21:13

You’re welcome Tay!

Comment by Bobby Revell
2008-02-03 15:09:46

Hi Diana! Thanks so much for the link! I didn’t get a pingback request and I noticed that the link points to my homepage, not the article.

Bobby Revell’s last blog post..How To Be a Good Blogger: Karma

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 15:22:02

:lol: Sorry! It’s solved now. And welcome :smile:

Comment by nimrodjo
2008-02-03 15:12:18

Hi always, thanks for the mention….I’m sorry that my blog cannot be access because the datacenter for my web host is having a problem…I will notify you if my blog back online again… :sad:

nimrodjo’s last blog post..The Light And Darkness

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2008-02-03 15:23:49

You’re welcome nimrodjo! Those datacenter’s issues are always annoying :sad:

Comment by nimrodjo
2008-02-04 18:18:35

My blog are back online… :grin:

nimrodjo’s last blog post..Taglines Of The Week (TOW 4)

Comment by redspace
2008-02-05 08:08:14

Hi Diana!,

Thanks for mentioning my site on this post. Ya I don’t have a blog yet. Maybe sometime on the future but my passion at the moment is researching how to make money online with the least possible money available but cover it with real hard work and focus. So I learn about affiliate marketing, SEO and a lot of other stuff. But still can’t get enough time to put a lot of content on my site although currently there are already more than 250 pages. and there are other websites I also maintain. Still long way to go but the adventure is fun.

Comment by Beautiful minds
2008-02-06 07:30:27

Thanks for adding my link and ya I’m Vishnu.. and its “Him” and not her :) Thanks again dear.. I juz posted what i encountered when i tracked whats happening with alexa..

Thanks again

Beautiful minds’s last blog post..Ink catridges, from carrot inks

Comment by Jay
2008-02-09 18:59:01

Wow, you have a great idea with this… looks like I’m going to have to comment more often, huh? :lol:


Jay’s last blog post..What to Post? When to Post it?

Comment by vlad
2009-08-03 03:46:06

Hi Diana, thanks for the link up :smile:


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