Great Top 13 lists

December 10th, 2007

According to my blog’s theme, I’ve wanted to name this post “Top 13 great Top 13 lists” but it seems that there are much more people who likes number 13 :smile: Because there are many lists, I’ve tried to sort them by categories, to follow them easier. I’ve added all the lists that I’ve find them interesting, I hope you’ll not be offended by some of them.


  1. Top 13 SEO related plugins for WordPress – Farida
  2. Top 13 Blogging Mistakes – Rose DesRochers
  3. Top 13 Marketer Blogs – Karl Long
  4. The Top 13 Posts for 2006 from Build a Better Website – Pittfall
  5. Top 13 Web Tools – Krafty Librarian
  6. Websites

  7. Top 13 Tips To Creating A Professional Looking Newsletter – Michael Wong
  8. The 13 Worst Web Hosting Companies – Ben Welch-bolen
  9. Top 13 Reasons Why Linux Should Be on Your Computer –
  10. Top 13 reasons to get a website – Robotici
  11. Top 13 Things Not to Do When Designing a Website – Alexander Thomas
  12. Top 13 reasons to CONSIDER the Microsoft platform for Web 2.0 development – Web2.0Central
  13. Top 13 Worst Website / Search Issues Seen in 2005 – Jim Hedger
  14. 13 Signs You’re A Bad Graphic Designer – Jacob Cass
  15. Business

  16. Top 13 Office Life Tips – tgpo
  17. Top 13 Marketing Budget Wastes—and How to Avoid Them – Eran Livneh
  18. Top 13 Ideas for your Out Of Office replies – Noah Kagan
  19. Top 13 Reasons Businesses Love Halloween – Easton Ellsworth
  20. 13 Best Freelance Writing Job Websites – Monika Mundell
  21. Health and Sports

  22. The Top 13 Medicine Stories of 2006 – Discover Magazine
  23. Top 13 Weight Loss Tips – Idiot Proof Diet
  24. Top 13 Gym Etiquette You Must Know – Mun
  25. Top 13 baseball flicks to get in shape – Angie DiSalvo
  26. The Top 13 Arthritis Antidotes –
  27. Fashion

  28. Top 13 Fashion Mistakes – Aniela
  29. Top 13 Recycled Fashions – Bianca Bartz
  30. Funny stuff

  31. Top 13 Worst Slogan Translations Ever – MoronLand
  32. The Top 13 Lessons Learned From Comic Books – Jennifer Ford
  33. Top 13 Things Women Want in a Man – Patti Oar
  34. What happens to Dumped Men? Top 13 – Kenny Wordsmith
  35. Top 13 Signs He is Interested – Sarah Nichols
  36. The Top 13 Signs You’ve Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School – Chris White
  37. Top 13 Tips for a Long Bus Ride – Jessica
  38. Top 13 scary things for Halloween – Tricia Woolfenden
  39. The Top 13 Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes When You Work At A Homeless Shelter – Meredith
  40. The Top 13 Dumbest Halloween “Tricks” –
  41. Top 13 Nato Excuses for Bombing the Wrong Places – Funny political jokes –
  42. Top 13 Reasons to become a Witch –
  43. Celebrities

  44. Top 13 Richest Young Celebrities –
  45. Top 13 Places To Snag A Celebrity In Los Angeles – SnagWire
  46. The Top 13 Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions – Chris White
  47. The Top 13 Power Lesbians in Entertainment in 2007 – Malinda Lo
  48. Top 13 Richest Deceased Celebrities/Earnings From The Crypt – Mei Fong and Debra Lau
  49. Other

  50. Top 13 Most Useful Items for Storage – Readers Digest
  51. Top 13 Most Expensive Cell Phones –
  52. The Top 13 Space Stories of 2006 – Discover Magazine
  53. Top 13 Topless Beaches – Love to eat and travel
  54. Top 13 Things I Hate About Cars – Bill Howard
  55. Top 13 Great Fuel-Efficient Cars – eGMCarTech

This Great Top 13 lists list is ongoing; if I’ll find more Top 13 lists I’ll add them. Enjoy these lists!

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Comment by pearl
2007-12-10 20:19:36

wow! those are some 13 lists, didn’t know number 13 was so popular :)

pearl’s last blog post..Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration – Lead to Success

Comment by Jacob Cass
2007-12-11 02:47:10

Hi, cool list… I just checked my own blog and I had a 13 number too…

13 Signs Your A Bad Graphic Designer.

Jacob Cass’s last blog post..What is your Error 404 Page?

Comment by bmunch
2007-12-11 03:43:33

Do you think now someone will write a Top 13 list just to get on you list… :grin:

That’s what I am gonna do. Stay tuned.

bmunch’s last blog post..BlogMunch products now at CafePress

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2007-12-11 10:46:21

@pearl: I was amazed too to find such many Top 13 lists.

@Jacob Cass: Thanks. I’ve added your list.

@bmunch: Let me know when you finish your list. I’ll add it here.

Comment by nimrodjo
2007-12-11 19:33:52

Indeed u have a great list…Number 13 is quite popular…I think on the net, every thing is possible..

nimrodjo’s last blog post..Christmas Virus

Comment by redspace
2007-12-12 16:28:43

Hi Diana!. nice list you have there. you must have been doing a lot of work to get that list. i just admire people who work hard especially on the net. the determination is something that i would like to have too.
that means i have to spent some of my time looking at those blog. you never know what you will find. you only see what you know.

Comment by pelf
Comment by Taylor Blue
2007-12-17 01:07:44

I love these lists…..keep it up…bookmarking this one too!!!

Taylor Blue’s last blog post..A fan kisses Kelly Clarkson

Comment by kenny wordsmith
2007-12-18 07:52:52

When I wrote the dumped men list I had no idea of this site. Thank you! :lol:

Comment by Joe
2007-12-26 22:50:32

Your lists are ridiculous – whoever heard of a top 13? It is supposed to be top 10. I am a statistics major, so I know about these things and I am writing a book about top 10 lists too, so you see I know better than you. I am embarrassed for you.

Comment by Diana Bajenaru
2007-12-26 23:07:13

Just because you write a book about top 10 lists it doesn’t mean that 10 are establishing by law. “Whoever heard of a top 13?? Well, it seems that there are many people who heard about top 13 lists, who write top 13 lists and who likes top 13 lists. And that number could be whatever an author would be. You should check how many “top 17? lists there are, “top 26? or you can pick whatever number you want.
As a statistics major, you probably know more than me. But you can’t ignore the facts that 10 isn’t the only number for a top. And you can’t annul a top list, just because the number isn’t 10.
And when you say that you are embarrassed for me, it means that you are embarrassed for all these people who wrote these top 13 lists. Shame on them that they don’t wrote top 10 lists, so that you have what to write in your book :lol:

Oh, and happy holidays for you, too :)

2007-12-30 03:01:47

[...] days ago someone leaves me a comment on my post, Great Top 13 lists. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a collection of Top 13 lists, many of them with [...]

Comment by redspace
2008-01-01 18:29:14

I agree with you Diana. We can pick whatever no we want to make the top list. Even if anybody want to make the top 1000 they are welcomed to do that. IMO the bigger the number it just show the more work and effort that is put to compile the list. :wink:

2008-01-06 07:41:49

[...] – I was featured in their Great Top 13 Links and their Top 13 Commentators [...]

2008-02-09 01:23:55

[...] December • Free traffic requires hard work • Great Top 13 lists [...]

Comment by Nudist Beaches
2008-05-19 22:38:32

The Top 13 Topless Beaches is a bit lame. I’ll write a more comprehensive top 13 topless beaches complete with photos from each beach.

Thanks for the list – I never thought I’d see so many top 13 lists.

Nudist Beaches’s last blog post..Rainy Day Activities in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


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