13 Great Articles – February 10, 2008

February 10th, 2008

I was a little lazy/busy this week, so for the today’s “13 Great Articles” I’ve choosed the carnival’s format. I hope you don’t mind.

1. 11 Ways to Gain Exposure as a Web Designer – by Steven Snell, saying, “As a web designer you may be faced with the challenge of getting your work and your abilities in front of others. If this is the case, here is a list of 11 different things you can do to get noticed.”

2. Think Unoriginal, Think Blogging – by Mohsin, saying, “Since bloggers are the individuals who take the role of authority and leadership, you’d think they are highly unique people, influencing the minds of their readers in their own inimitable ways. But the reality is very different. Bloggers have turned into a noisy crowd, where no voice can be distinguished from the other one.”

3. Alternative Search Engines to Google – by Sueblimely, saying, “Will there be any alternative search engine to really challenge Google’s stranglehold in the near future? Will spam sites and parked domains continue to rate highly? Will we be able to search and actually easily find exactly what we are looking for? Will we be able to access a good range of valuable information on a topic without finding only those sites who have been successful in keyword and search engine optimization techniques?”

4. Automatic keyword inserting affiliate plugin for WordPress – by Patrick Altoft, saying, “A new plugin for WordPress that allows you to monetize your long tail traffic better than ever before. The plugin works by taking the keyword that a visitor used to find your site in any major search engine and turns it into an affiliate link.”

5. Spammers use Top Commentators vulnerability to hijack top list – by Andy Bailey, saying, “It seems that the Top Commentators plugin remembers the last URL used for a commentator and displays that as an anchor for their name,(it used to use the most used url, don’t know why they changed it) even after deleting and spaminating the spammers url and ip into the blacklist they still showed on the displayed list so I have decided to remove the Top Commentators plugin for now.”

6. 7 Effective Ways to Start Blogging – by nimrodjo, saying, “People have different thoughts that want to express. Mostly, they cannot show it because of many reasons. Most people just keep their thoughts inside them and never speak it out. One way of expressing these thoughts out of them is through writing. Writing is the usual outlet of those people that are afraid to show or express their thoughts through their mouth or through their gestures.”

7. Niche Blogging: Limit Visitor Choices? – by Frank Carr, saying, “Here’s a little experiment that I’ve been trying on some niche blogs I recently created. The idea is to narrow visitor choice on the page down to the point that an Adsense block or an affiliate offer are the most logical exit points aside from the back button. In this article I’ll go over how I’m setting this up and some of the reasoning behind it.”

8. What to Post? When to Post it? – by Jay, saying, “Do you always have ideas running through your head, day in and day out and constantly writing like there’s no tomorrow? Now you have so many articles, how should you organize them? When should you post them?”

9. Affiliate Marketing Guide: What Are Conversions And How Can I Get Some – by Simonne, saying, “If following our “online money makers” article you joined some affiliate networks, most probably you have encountered terms like “conversions” and “impressions”. Are they clear to you, or you got a bit confused?”

10. The Human Side of Photography – 4 Tips for Natural Looking Portraits – by Natalie Norton, saying, “Here’s 4 tips on how I work toward those beautiful, natural, genuine portraits that make our hearts sing, end up framed on our walls, and/or sell like crazy post production.”

11. How to Determine the Effectiveness of Your Internal Link Structure – by Aaron Wall, saying, “How do I determine how I am best utilizing my PageRank? How do I know if my navigation is successful?”

12. Are You Excluding Beginners From Your Blog? – by TheWild1, saying, “There are very simple and perhaps even beneficial methods to make your blog accessible to all levels of readers. To clarify the methods, I will use my finance site as an example.”

13. 5 Reasons to Push Through Fear – by Andrew, saying, “Lack of fear does not equal stupidity. There are of course good reasons why we feel fear. Fear is a protection mechanism to help us survive. For example it’s great that you might feel a bit of fear crossing a busy intersection. This fear keeps your senses alert. What I’m recommending is taking calculated risks.”

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2008-02-10 13:00:16

[...] Original post by My lucky number 13 [...]

Comment by Mohsin
2008-02-10 13:48:26

Thanks for the link love Diana.

I hope you don’t mind.

Umm.. I guess I don’t mind. :P

Mohsin’s last blog post..A Beginner’s Teeny Weeny Guide To Blogging

2008-02-10 15:06:05

This is a great collection of links, Diana! I’m going to get started on reading them now, thanks for sharing. :)

Tay – Super Blogging’s last blog post..StumbleUpon is THE Favorite Social Media Site

Comment by Steven Snell
2008-02-10 17:06:28

Thanks for the link!

Steven Snell’s last blog post..Weekly Links – February 9th

Comment by nimrodjo
2008-02-10 17:31:17

Thanks for featuring my article here…really appreciate it.. :grin:

nimrodjo’s last blog post..Taglines Of The Week 5 (ToW 5)

Comment by impNERD
2008-02-10 21:53:27

Great list. I even added a few to my daily reader :)

impNERD’s last blog post..Guest Posting

Comment by Beautiful Minds
2008-02-13 09:55:14

Most of the stuffs were great :) like te niche blogging and all.. great links :)

Beautiful Minds’s last blog post..Alexa: The geographical influence

Comment by Jay
2008-02-20 02:10:35

Appreciate the link! I hope my “13 Blogging Forums You Should Join” makes it one day!

But thanks again!


Jay’s last blog post..5 Reasons Why You Should Include Images in Every Post

Comment by dizi izle
2008-02-27 15:24:11

There are many useful informations in this article. Thanks and greetings from Thuringia!

Comment by Personal Blog
2008-04-23 02:12:36

Your blog design is impressive and this post too

Personal Blog’s last blog post..How to make money over Internet?

2011-07-15 09:18:51

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