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I’ve discovered Vitas just about 3 month ago, but I can’t help to listening him over and over again, so I want to share with you he’s beautiful voice.

Vitas (Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov) was born on 19 February 1981 in Latvia. He is a Russian pop singer, composer, actor, and fashion designer. He entered the Guiness Book of World Records because he has a vocal range that spans five octaves.

Vitas first appeared in Russia in December 2000 with his hit Opera #2, which was notable for use of he’ surprisingly high-pitched and energetic countertenor voice.

The sounds from Vitas’ recordings exhibit an unusually high vocal register, and his performances are remarkably consistent, therefore it is sometimes suggested that his recordings are altered and that his live performances are lip synched. These speculations briefly gained media attention in Russia. Vitas and his producer have both denied the rumors. Fans who attend his concerts assert that Vitas sings live. He often swings his microphone away from his mouth to prove it. Fans sitting in the front rows, and beyond, state that they clearly hear his unamplified voice. – Wikipedia

Some of my favorite songs are:
Lucia Di Lammermoorr

Krikom – Crane’s crying

Fortune Teller

Mama – this song is to commemorate his mother, who passed away a few years ago

Vitas presented his collection of the clothes “Autumn Dreams” on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace in September 29, 2002. The show is below, unfortunately, the video image is very poor.

Here is he’s official site, where you can find out more about Vitas.

Я люблю тебя Витас и благодарю за существование!

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I haven’t died

First of all, I want to thanks everyone who asked for me and wondered why I’ve stopped writing. I haven’t died, only my leisure did. I have too many projects to care of right now, so I just have no time for posting anymore. I read your comments though, and I’m happy that you find useful most of my posts.

I’ll try to write more often than 1 post/year, once because I miss the time spent with you and second, because I want to improve my English. So please, if you find some mistakes in my posts, leave me a comment and tell me about them.

Love you all!

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Choosing a Web Hosting Service

In some forums I use to read, I saw many people asking what web hosting service or what web hosting company to choose.

There are some things to consider when you choose a web host, and I’ll list below some of them.

Web space – usually, the offers vary from 5 MB to unlimited space. You must know what is the total size of your files, and to consider that your site may grow.

Bandwidth – it is difficult to calculate the amount of bandwidth you will need as it is a factor of the size of the pages downloaded from your site and the amount of traffic visiting the site.

My advice regarding the web space and bandwidth is to make some approximations, to choose an account which covers your first needs, then, if you notice that your site is growing, you can upgrade pretty easy to a bigger account.

Software supported – depending on your needs, you must check what software does the web hosting support, like PHP, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL… Also, a plus for a web host is Fantastico, a soft from which you can install a lot of scripts in just 2-3 steps.

Control panel – the most popular control panels are Cpanel and Plesk. Personally, I like Cpanel, which only runs on Linux and which contains find more features than Plesk. Most beginners and other users would be more suited to Cpanel, as it runs on the cheaper platform of Linux.

Technical support – before you choose a web host, you can check their technical support; you can send them some emails, you can chat live or you can call them on phone and check how fast they answer, how friendly they are and what degree of technical knowledge the operators have.

Now, these are some important things to look for when you want to choose a web host. Of course, you may want to look for extra features, depending on what your business is. If you reach a web host but you are not sure about it, you can check these two forums: Web Host Directory and Web Hosting Talk, where you can find many opinions about various web hosting companies and services.

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Say something

This is a pretty old and very beautiful song of Laurentiu Cazan, a great Romanian artist. I’ve heard this song today on radio and I wanted to share with you. I’ve found on youtube a great interpretation of this song, Laurentiu Cazan and Mihai Traistariu, another great Romanian artist. Enjoy!

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